Consider These Commercial Paint Ideas From Experts

Paint Your Walls to Attract Customers

A pleasing aesthetic environment can attract a new client or make a current one more comfortable. Commercial painting is no longer just a way to maintain the building, but also a way to retain and attract customers. Here are some of the painting trends businesses are using to create captivating spaces.

Bold Feature Walls Make a Statement

Businesses choose a feature wall with a strong color that grabs attention instantly. Deep indigos, rich terracottas, and vibrant turquoise can be used as focal points to engage visitors from the moment they enter. This works well for reception areas and conference rooms.

Neutral Palettes to Professionalism

A neutral palette that is consistent reflects professionalism and reliability. Many modern commercial spaces, retail stores, and offices use shades of beige, gray, and off-white. These colors provide a simple, uncluttered background that allows other elements such as furniture or artwork to shine.

Textured Surfaces and Patterns

The days of one-dimensional, flat paint are gone. Textures or patterns are now incorporated into many commercial spaces. These designs can add character and depth to any space, whether it is a stucco finish on a coffee shop wall or geometric patterns displayed in a store.

Branding Through Colors

Color can be a powerful branding tool. Paints that match the logo or brand colors are used by companies to paint their interiors. This helps to reinforce brand identity and creates a uniform look from the walls to the business cards. For impressive results, ask for the help of expert painters!

The right paint trend will have a profound impact on a customer’s perception of a company. Fresh Painting’s professional painting team can help you elevate your business space and make a lasting impact. 

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