Granite or Quartz: Which material to choose for kitchen countertops? 

Countertops are the heart of the kitchen. You can’t really chop vegetables and fruits or mix different kinds of ingredients without a countertop. Where would you keep the oven, stove, toaster, coffee maker, and other appliances? You need a countertop in the kitchen! Without a countertop, it will be just a room. 

The most overwhelming thought is to choose the right material for the countertop. There’s granite, quartz, marble, wood, and the list doesn’t end here. 

Are you aware that granite and quartz are two of the most popular countertops out there? 

Both the materials are valuable, durable, and quite good-looking too. How do you choose out of these two? 

One good way to simplify things would be to compare the two materials. You have to keep in mind the budget, needs, and right fit for your house.  

Dive into this article as we have all the important things you need to know! 

The Important Factors to Consider 

  1. Lifestyle and functionality 

Do you like throwing parties at home? Are you a pastry chef? Do you cook a lot of gourmet meals at home? Now, quartz is a cooler material so it will be good for pastry chefs. It won’t melt if you keep hot pans on top. 

Granite is a good-looking choice. It is easily durable and not very easy to scratch too. 

Ideally, you should select a material that suits your lifestyle and sensibilities. 

  1. Your budget 

Try to increase your budget as it is a one-time investment. Low-quality countertops won’t last very long and there are chances of them getting damaged. Why do you want to keep renovating the kitchen? 

  1. Return on investment 

If you plan to sell the house, later on, you might want to choose a premium-quality material for the countertop. Buyers will pay you the right price if you give them enough reasons to buy the home. Quartz is getting really popular, but granite remains the top choice – the credit goes to its durability. However, quartz is easy to customize. You can choose the color of your choice. 

If the appearance is great, the tenants or prospective buyers will be willing to pay the price for your home. Everyone wants a good kitchen! 

  1. Durability and maintenance 

Both engineered and natural stones happen to be durable. However, you need to see which one’s more robust. You need a countertop that is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and also stain-resistant. Granite scores higher in this department. 

Granite vs. Quartz – Which one should you pick? 

Granite is known as the king of materials. It has been around for years, and most people install it in the kitchen. 

Each slab has a different appearance. Also, it comes in different forms like modular, tiles, and slabs. Durability-wise, granite is a natural stone. It’s highly durable and resistant to stains, heat, and scratches. 

But make sure you clean the stains whenever something drops. Don’t wait too long! Resealing might be needed in a few years but it is not a necessity. 

On the other hand, there’s the quartz countertop. It is a green choice for homeowners. Quartz is an engineered stone, so you will get lots of color options too. 

If you are looking for quartz countertops, check out comptoir Granite au Sommet. They have both granite and quartz countertops. The range of colors you find is breathtaking indeed. You will get bright yellow, striking white, blue, beige, and neutral white. If you have something specific in mind, let the experts know. 

As for durability and maintenance, quartz is less prone to damage and crack. If you put hot pans on it, the material may not crack. Also, it is easier to maintain too. Make sure you clean it daily with soap and water. 

So, it really depends on your lifestyle, usage, time, and budget. If you want something appealing and classic, then go for granite. Quartz is also appealing, but it is cheaper and easier to maintain.