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Hosmart Solar Driveway Alarm System Review

Product Features:

    The Hosmart Solar Wireless Driveway Alert Sensor Complete Review and Recommendation In today's review, we're looking at the Hosmart wireless solar motion alert sensor, sometimes referred to as a driveway alert sensor. This is probably the best driveway alarm for detecting any pedestrians, vehicles or animals approaching your property. It…
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The Hosmart Solar Wireless Driveway Alert Sensor Complete Review and Recommendation

In today’s review, we’re looking at the Hosmart wireless solar motion alert sensor, sometimes referred to as a driveway alert sensor. This is probably the best driveway alarm for detecting any pedestrians, vehicles or animals approaching your property.

It gives you an alarm sound when the person or object is on your property within a defined radius of 30 feet away from the sensor. One of the most common uses we have seen with this sensor is that of using it at night to protect cars. However you’re not limited to this as you can use it to protect your home, work site, or business premises.

So if you’re looking for  a day or night time motion sensor that sends an alert when something is approaching and within the range, we recommend you spare a couple of minutes to read this review or watch the video embed and get informed. If you have any questions, please use the comment form and we’ll get back to you within 72 hours. Thank you.

What Is In the Box?

  1. The base unit or the receiver
  2.  The PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor
  3. AC Adapter mini-USB port and charger
  4. The back cover, swivel base and the solar panel
  5. The rain cover and you have some screws
Hosmart Rechargeable Wireless sensor

Hosmart Rechargeable Wireless Driveway Alert Sensor

It usually comes with 4 sensors, with the base, in a box for the price listed. However, you can order just one sensor and the base.

  1. You also get the Hosmart driveway alarm user manual and I must mention they have a 90 day money back guarantee and also a 3 year warranty on the product so really good.
  2. Lastly you get the receiver which has four numbered channels ready to connected with the each of the sensors. On the bottom of the base you have the power button and also the volume adjustments.

Setting Up the Hosmart Driveway Alert Sensor Unit

Setup is very easy. The sensors obviously have to he stationed outside of the your home or premises where you want the detection. It can detect motion from 30 feet away from where it’s positioned, and can be positioned up to 1500 feet from the receiver for all weather conditions. I have not tested it this is true for walls. The receiver can be hanged on a wall inside your home or positioned at any place convenient for you.

The video below demonstrates the set up process rather well.

Here is a summary of the steps involved if you’re not able to watch the video now.

Step 1: Charge your sensor battery

When the product arrives, the battery is probably discharged and you will need to charge it before setting the Hosmart solar driveway alarm up, for about 6-10 hours. Connect the USB power cable to source at home. On the bottom of the PIR unit, lift the rubber and connect the charger cable to the sensor. Charge for 6-10 hours. Once the unit is plugged in, a blue light comes on and stays on till the battery is completely charged.

Step 2: The back of the sensor is not screwed in because you have to connect the  lithium ion battery first. First thing you need to do is to connect the lithium ion is to plug it in. Keep the wires away from the screw holes by keeping the wires straight. Set the detection range and the sensor selector.

Step 3: Test the sound for the different sensor channels and select which sound suits you best. you have the two wall paneled sides you want to put that on the side of the battery just clip it in right there now they give you screws so they give you four long screws and four short tiny screws.

Step 4: Screw the back on to the sensor and put on the back swivel mount. The swivel mount allows you tilt the sensor up and down or sideways to focus on a different direction as needed.

Step 5: Cover the sensor with the rain/weather protection. The swivel mount can then be mounted where you want it.

That’s about it for the setup of the Hosmart rechargeable driveway alarm.

Other Considerations

Now if you’re in a well-lit area you can use the solar panel on top to maintain the connection. However if it’s under a cover and not getting a lot of sunlight or during winter, you can use the included AC Adapter and USB charger to ensure power supply to the sensor is good. However the full battery’s drained within a week so it’s better to actually have it plugged in. How long does the lithium ion battery last? It’s good for about 1 week in my experience. So if it’s possible, have the receiver unit always plugged in.

Product Features Hosmart Solar Driveway Alarm

    • Benefit from 30 years+ experience with the solar driveway alarm wireless and solar driveway alert system, produced in our own factory with our leading edge systems technology.
    • The Hosmart driveway alarm quick user manual has you operational in minutes. Can expandable up to 4 sensors and unlimited receivers for complete coverage of your perimeter. Wireless driveway alarm detects movement from humans, cars, and large animals.Over 4 fun & unique chimes to choose from. Match different chimes with different sensors around your property to differentiate where driveway alarm wireless motion is being detected.
    • 1/4 mile (in ideal situations). Our range is double the ¼ mile competitors claim under ideal conditions. We use newer technology components and excellent manufacturing techniques. Our system has been real world tested in settings with trees, buildings, walls, and vehicles. It easily achieves a 1500FT wireless range in most conditions. It’s been tested through thick forestry, hail storms, gusty winds, heavy rains, scorching heat, and snow.
    • Outdoor driveway alert sensor system is made with industrial grade PVC housing, rubberized weather/water resistant seal, and runs on one solar rechargeable battery.
    • Much time went into developing and testing our reliable InfraRed ourdoor driveway alarm wireless detector that will dependably alert you to activity around your property. False alarms are minimized by adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor “eye” with Switch 1.
    • Swivel mount to refine the focus and detection angle of the sensor.
    • 3 YEAR WARRANTY on parts and workmanship.
    • 90 Day risk-free purchase

Final Thoughts And Recommendation

The Hosmart solar driveway alarm is a perfect solution if you’re looking for an alarm system that will help you detect intrusion on your property before something valuable goes missing.

You can certainly use security cameras and we recommend having them too. However, there are times when you’re able to catch the intruder on the security camera recording but the person may be long gone. If you want to prevent the act from taking place in the first place, then recommend the Hosmart solar driveway alert sensor system. Thank you for reading and if the article has been of help to you, please share and help someone.

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