How can spiders impact your health?

Spiders belong to the arachnid family of creatures and are often feared by people because of the way they look. These creatures can also infest homes. Spiders enter homes looking to feed on other smaller insects. They stay back in the corners of the house and build their web. If they multiply in number, they can cause a pest infestation at home. Most spiders have venom and they use it to paralyze their prey. However, most spiders are harmless and do not bite humans unless they feel threatened by them. 

Now, learn more about how spiders can impact your health in the mentioned-below points:-

Black widow bite: These are the deadliest spiders found in the whole world. They like to build their webs around fences, outhouses, and building overhangs. A black widow bite can give immediate and sharp pain and the bite area becomes numb. Some common symptoms of such a bite are – headache, nausea, vomiting, swollen eyes, difficulty in breathing, salivating, profuse sweating, and itch rash. 

Brown recluse bite: The brown recluse spider is another spider harmful to humans. They like to live in dry warm areas like dark closets, attics, inside shoes, piles of wood, etc. Their bites also adversely affect humans. Unlike black widow bites, you might not feel the bite of a brown recluse immediately. But the pain and symptoms show up after an hour or so. The bite causes a blister surrounded by a bruise and the blister may rupture later on to form an ulcer that scar that skin. It can also cause itchiness over the whole body. You must seek immediate medical attention in such a case.

Hobo spider bites: These spiders build funnel-shaped webs and love to reside in dark and moist places like basements, crawl spaces, woodpiles, etc. The bite does not cause much pain but might lead to other health conditions like – severe headache, red swollen skin, blisters, fatigue, nausea, and in rare cases cognitive impairment.

Most spider bites are harmless and can be treated by taking over-the-counter medicines. However, very rare spiders leave behind a venomous bite on humans, and in such cases, you must seek immediate medical attention. Though spiders feed on other pests inside or outside your house, having too many of them is not a good sign. If you are experiencing a spider infestation, it is better advised to seek the help of a pest control company immediately. Pest control companies have trained exterminators who will find the source of the infestation and get rid of them permanently.