Implications And Solutions: A Rusty Puddle Of Water

As one of your first acts upon returning after a long vacation, you turn on the bathroom sink faucet for the first time in weeks. The water will likely have a colour ranging from brown to crimson, but don’t panic; the colour will go once the sink resumes regular operation. Water that appears reddish at other times may be an indication of rust in the pipes. The water will also have an odour like that of metal.

Why Wouldn’t You Want This?

Except for people who suffer from hemochromatosis, drinking water with rust in it won’t harm your health in any way. Rust is completely safe since it is just oxidised iron. This is not an excuse, however, to disregard rust in your home’s water. It’s unsightly and might leave a stain on your floors, furniture, or even your dishes.

RUSTIC Water’s Origin And Solutions Are Discussed.

The causes of rusty water, rather than the water itself, are of more concern. It’s conceivable that the municipal water system is having problems. Whether the water is hot or cold, if it has a reddish colour as it comes out of the taps, it was likely tainted from the outside. Contact the water company and inform them of the problem.

If the water from either the cold or hot water pipes is somewhat rust coloured, the problem is probably in the plumbing. Your water heater is probably on its last legs if you see discoloration in the hot water pipes. The water heater must be replaced when corrosion renders it unsafe for use. You should see a licenced plumber right away if you need this done. Regarding the rusty water issue it works fine.

The fact that the rusty water is coming from the cold water lines suggests that the rusty pipes are to blame for the issue is not encouraging. This is a common issue with the plumbing in older homes, which often consists of steel or cast iron. Get in contact with a licenced plumber to find out whether you need to repipe with copper or plastic.

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