Is It Worth It To Epoxy Your Garage Floor?

Are you planning to upgrade your garage? Then you should try floor epoxying. The garage floor is a cost-friendly and easy-to-install alternative that elevates the looks and durability of the garage door. So, is it worth it to epoxy your garage floor? Yes, it is.

How long will the epoxy garage floor last?

An epoxy garage floor will last up to 3 years on average. However, that will depend on the wear and tear of the floor experience and the amount of traffic. If your garage handles heavy machines and spills high amounts of bleach and oil on the floor without maintenance, it might not last long.

Despite that, epoxy floors tend to withstand harsh treatments and come out outstanding compared to other floors like cement or tiles. Since it doesn’t damage easily, most homeowners have made it their popular choice.

Besides, you can make the epoxy garage floor last longer than three years by always keeping it clean. You can recoat it frequently as each coat can add to its durability and longevity.

Reasons to epoxy your garage floor

When the floors in epoxy are combined together, chemical reactions will ensue. The best part is epoxy does not dry, not cure. Once it’s cured, it will have a beautiful finish that you will never get from another flooring.

Apart from the appealing surface, epoxy flooring has a higher tolerance to stains, chemicals, scratches, impacts, and even chipping. If something heavy drops on the floor, you’ll not see any crack on the surface. Even when transmission fluids spill on the floor, washing them off the resin is easy.

An epoxy coating will seal any imperfections on your floor. Small holes and cracks, especially where the garage floor meets the wall, are common. This can become homes to different insects, such as spiders. Epoxy will cover the holes and offer the floor a clean and excellent finish.

If you reside in a humid area or it snores a lot in your town, moisture will be one of the issues you must deal with. It causes mold and mildew accumulation and attracts pets. Epoxy material is moisture-resistant, and you can clean the ice brines and road salts off it without too much effort.

How much will it cost to have an epoxy garage floor?

The cost of epoxy will depend on the garage size and whether you’ll hire a pro or do it yourself. If you go the DIY route, epoxying your flow may be cheaper since you don’t have to include labor charges.

The materials required to epoxy a flow will cost up to $5/sq. ft. on average. That includes the equipment required.

If you decide to hire an expert to handle everything from getting the materials, equipment, and labor charges, you’ll spend up to $12 per square foot.  

Final Word

If you’re still asking questions like “is it worth it to epoxy your garage floor?” you have your answer. The quality of the end product, together with the sturdiness, is unmatched in epoxy garage flooring.