Most Expensive Places To Buy Property in Sheffield

Sheffield is widely known as ‘Steel City’ and it is one of the biggest hubs in the United Kingdom. Sheffield has gone through a lot of changes in recent years and has truly developed into a major city.

It is now an amazing place to live and it offers its residents a very high standard of living as well as an outstanding lifestyle. It is home to more than half a million people and it is a very diverse city. Sheffield is quite vibrant and exciting, and it has some great green and modern landscapes that make for some stunning scenery around the city.

Sheffield is home to a lot of great properties and corresponding amenities, but some of these come at a pretty hefty price. But you have to pay to get the best, and some of these expensive places offer the best houses you can get in Sheffield and the United Kingdom in general. Here are some of the most expensive places you can buy property in Sheffield.

  1. Fulwood (Average property price of £454,881)

This leafy suburb is loved by its residents because of the friendly environment, wide green spaces, and easy access to the countryside. This area combines the peaceful life of the suburbs with the vibrancy that comes with living in the city. There are some great entertainment hotspots in Fulwood as well and there is also easy access to the national park. There are also some outstanding schools in the area and a wide range of excellent properties that you can choose from.

  1. Dore (Average property price of £484,370)

Dore is one of the most expensive areas to buy property in Sheffield and it houses some of the most elite people in the city. This area has a very high reputation and it is a place that you should go for if you have the money to. It is slightly separated from the city center so it is great for people who want to enjoy peace and quiet while also being close enough to the city center.

  1. Broomhill (Average property price of £290,057)

This is another hotspot for students in Sheffield, and it is definitely an area with a lot of great housing options. It is a short walk away from the campus of the University of Sheffield, and it is also quite close to the Peak District. There are some excellent local amenities in Broomhill as well, and there are several great shops and supermarkets in the area as well.

  1. Whirlow (Average property price of £687,161)

According to Quick Property Buyer, the very expensive suburb of Whirlow is just a few miles away from the city center in Sheffield and there are some super-expensive and luxurious houses in the neighborhoods of this region. It is a pretty peaceful village located in a beautiful rural area, which is mainly a conservation area.

  1. Greystones (Average property price of £486,619)

Greystones is just about 3 miles away from the city center and it is quite a popular location for people searching for houses because of the great facilities and amenities that surround it. It is also very close to the Peak District and although it has some pricey houses, it is also more affordable and popular than some other locations on this list.