Reasons To Choose Quartz For Your Commercial Buildings 

It was not too long ago when marble and granite were the only two choices when it came to commercial building countertops. However, the trend is slowly moving towards quartz, and with good reasons. There are many reasons to choose quartz for your commercial buildings, from durability to beauty. 

Quartz is one of the most popularly used kitchen countertops. They are practical as they require less maintenance and high durability. It can resemble the look of granite, marble, and other natural stones and come in a variety of colors. For the best materials in town, visit Granite au Sommet quartz calacatta

Reasons to choose quartz for your commercial buildings 

  • Low maintenance. 

One of the best parts about using quartz is that you do not need to seal it, as it does not stain easily. You can use various cleaning products on it without worrying about ruining its shine or luster. It is a non-porous material, so liquids cannot seep inside and damage it. This is an advantage because, with quartz, you won’t have to waste your time and money to replace seals. 

  • Appearance. 

Quartz is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful naturally occurring stones in the world and can surely add magic to your office or any commercial space. It comes in hundreds of colors as well as textures and patterns. 

You can choose one that goes best with the vibe of your office and make the place even more attractive. A good office will also encourage employees to work by putting them in a good mood. 

  • Durability. 

Quartz is highly durable. When shopping for materials for your commercial building, you want something that can hold up in a high traffic area, such as a hotel lobby, retail space, or an apartment building. Many manufacturers, when selling quartz, are so sure of their durability that they are even willing to offer a lifetime warranty to their customers. This can be particularly more reassuring when buying it on a large scale for commercial use. 

  • Cost effective. 

The price of quartz may be more affordable than you think. Their cost is the same as mid-level granite. However, it can depend on various factors, such as the color and pattern you choose, availability in the market, current market fluctuations, etc. All of the above points apply to any stone you choose. 

  • Anti-bacterial. 

Quartz used in commercial settings may be subject to various types of people who bring all sorts of bacteria from outside. That is why having antibacterial materials in the office is a necessity. Quartz countertops are antibacterial, meaning there is less likelihood of bacteria growing on them.