Tips on Adorning a Chandelier (and How to Use Them)

Buying lighting for your home may be difficult for many reasons, even for seasoned designers. It’s possible that you’ll feel overwhelmed by your options, and you’ll definitely want to take some time to organise the space’s furnishings before even thinking about where to put them.

This is why it might be helpful to have a step-by-step guide that details the whole process, from shopping to setting up. Here you will find not only the most important information on decorating with a chandelier, but also some novel and useful tips that will make you shout, “I didn’t think of that!”

Your first step should be to shop around online and in physical locations.

It’s important to keep your choices open and consider a wide range of chandeliers before making your purchase. There is an overwhelming number of lighting options to choose from nowadays, but before you do that, you should think about the architecture of the room where you want to hang the chandelier. Is it a more standard environment? Does it look like a home in the country? This might be useful in figuring out the vibe of the chandelier that will mesh well with the decor of your room. Choosing the modern chandelier is important here.


Start by visiting several highly renowned lighting industry websites and reading up on the most sought-after chandeliers available today. Lighting Direct is preferred by many decorators, but with Wayfair, you can match your purchases to the style of your house.

Look into what the neighbourhood shops have to offer. Chandeliers of surprisingly high style may often be found at large-format hardware stores. If you’re the creative kind that likes to think outside the box, you may also find interesting vintage chandeliers at thrift shops, garage sales, and auctions. The odds of encountering them improve significantly if you look there. The chandelier’s wiring should be changed with new, safe wire at a reputable lighting store if you see any signs of wear or instability. Insisting on UL-certified wiring, especially if the chandelier is going into a brand-new home, is a must.

Decide on a stunning crystal hanging light. That is the Precise Size Requirement for the Room

Installing a chandelier that is too big for the space will make it seem cramped. Due of its small size, it fails to have an impact. Having accurate dimensions is crucial for this particular design element.

Chandelier specialists tend to agree that a simple mathematical formula may help you determine what size fixture would be best for your room, however this opinion is not universal. You may either calculate it manually (by putting the dimensions of the room in feet together and then translating the result to inches—that will be the optimal diameter of the chandelier) or use a readily available online calculator, such as the one found on Lightology.

Fit in well with the room’s existing colour scheme and design aesthetic.

A chandelier should provide the impression of fitting in with the decor of its setting. Chandeliers made of anything other than crystal would seem very out of place in the grand halls of Versailles.