What do you know about Persian carpets?

What do you know about Persian carpets

If you are planning to renovate your home by giving it a traditional look then the installation of Persian carpets will be perfect. Due to their weaving type, this type of rug is very durable. And their traditional designs are made to fill your home with the beauty of art and make your home more attractive. Persian carpets are known for their attractive designs, and these are mostly used in giving a royal look to the living room. But these Persian carpets are known for some additional features.

There is a history behind Persian carpets. Its name originates from the area known as Persia, which is the reason the label applies only to carpets that are handmade by artisans in Iran but now the time has been changed and these Persian carpets are made available everywhere.

When these carpets are crafted by experienced weavers, it gives you original Persian Designs. With a variety of designs to be found, you do not need to be worried about matching it to your interiors because there are lots of benefits we experience when we install these carpets for flooring.

The material used to make Persian carpets.

Two basic materials are utilized to manufacture these Persian carpets


  1. This is the most common material to manufacture Persian carpets because of the following features it is,
  2. Wool is so soft
  3. Wool is highly durable and long-lasting.
  4. Wool from the best sheep is used to create the carpets.


  1. Silk is one of the expensive materials incorporated into Persian carpets design.
  2. This material is not commonly used like wool.
  3. Silk is used to manufacture Persian carpets because silk is a fine and strong material.
  4. For the high-traffic areas, it is suggested to skip the Persian carpets made from silk material.
  5. To keep the overall carpets highly durable, utilize a mixture of wool and silk to emphasize certain details in Persian carpets.

Why Persian carpets give your living room a Royal traditional look.

  • Almost all Persian carpets are handmade.
  • They are highly durable because of dense weaving.
  • To give real non-lasting color, natural vegetable dyes are used to color yarn.
  • You can feel all the designs underfoot when your feet will touch the soft piles surface of the design while walking on these Persian carpets.
  • These carpets required low maintenance.
  • They have good pile height.
  • They are available in many shapes and size according to installation such as round, rectangular, runners, etc.
  • Before making any Persian carpets, always examine the yarn quality to give you the best class carpets.

Persian carpets are made in many styles.

These can be available in many shapes like Regular rectangular for the living room, runners for stairs, narrow rooms, entrance, and round rugs for the main hall. They are made with the surety that their shiny yarn and rich design will brighten your home.

You feel amazing when know the pros of Persian carpet. These carpets are most beneficial over other carpets. These carpets among all, are the softest that you can own and won’t want to miss that comfort. It is affordable with super soft quality.