How to Keep Your Home Pest Free?

It may seem impossible to keep a home pest free. There are always going to be those little gnats, mice, and creepy crawlers you never see coming. However, taking some preventative measures can go a long way toward keeping your home pest free. You can also look out for residential pest control services for inspecting and protecting your home from different types of pest infestations.

First and foremost, you want to keep your home clean. Remove any debris on the ground or in the yard. This will make your home less appealing for pests to live in and less likely that you’ll find bugs in your kitchen. If you have a large yard free of debris, consider planting some new plants and bushes. Make sure any trees around your home are pruned, so branches do not block doors or windows.

Here is more of what will help you keep your home pest free.

  • Deep clean your house once a week

It is said that if you clean your house once every week, your home will remain pest free. With a deep clean, you can remove any nasty bugs that have infested your home. Of course, it is best to keep the toilets and kitchen sinks clean so you don’t move dirt around and create an inviting place for pests to make their homes.

  • Clear the trash bins regularly

Trash doesn’t have to be limited to the landfill. You can gather stuff that is out of date or rotting. Burying it on your property will attract pests, so you’ll want to dispose of it with a fire pit or the beach.

  • Check for any leakage

If you see any leaks, water sources, or sinks near your home, take some time to check them out. If you find that there is a leak, consider using caulking to keep it from getting worse. Damp areas attract pests. So, you’ll want to avoid that altogether.

  • Seal the cracks and holes

Cracks and holes are the easiest holes to make in your home. Many types of pests can easily get into unsealed cracks through the windows, doors, or basement. You can seal the cracks and holes in your home using caulking. Caulking also works well for keeping dirt from getting into outlets or gaps behind sinks or toilet bowls.

  • Trim the outdoor plants regularly

Pests cannot only get into your home through windows, but they can also come through plants. If you have bushes or plants just outside your house and it has been a while since you trimmed them, consider trimming them. Pests can easily get into your home through bushes, shrubs, or palms if they are unkempt.