Should You Go for Solid Wood Cabinets?

Don’t we all crave for kitchens that offer warmth when you step in? Aesthetics that makes you feel like you are in cottage in the woods, luxury that can’t be put into words, comfort and joy that spending time in this cosy and homely space provides. Sounds alluring, doesn’t it? You can have it all in your home if you go for solid wood cabinets. 

Solid wood cabinets are fabricated from naturally cut wood; which makes them more expensive than plywood and veneers. 

If you have been contemplating about getting solid wood cabinets; here are a few things you must know before you go for it. 

A] Durable and strong 

Solid wood cabinets have extensive durability and stability. Their lifespan is unrivalled by all other wooden cabinets. They can last for decades and are resistant to wear and tear. Contrary to other materials; solid wood is often easy to repair. Using wood filler wax; the scratches if any can be concealed and eliminated. 

B] Easy maintenance 

As opposed to other cabinet materials, solid wood is easy to maintain. Re-painting, re-finishing, re-staining; all can be done easily. 

C] Luxurious and attractive 

The attractiveness of solid wood is unmatched. Dark-toned solid wood cabinetry can give your kitchen the most sophisticated and grandiose look. 

D] Easy to paint or reface 

The surface of natural wood makes it easy to paint due to which it flawlessly matches up with the kitchen aesthetic. You can spruce up your cabinets without having to swap the entire cabinet. Refacing solid wood is simple and inexpensive, which can help you conceal scratches and stains. 

E] Susceptible to termite infestation

On the downside; solid wood is prone to termite infestation. Since wooden surfaces attract termites; your kitchen can become refugee for termites if you go for solid woods. This, however, can be tackled by simply using termite bond or having pest control.

F] Prone to water damage 

Wood is sensitive to moisture. So, if you are going for solid wood cabinets, be prepared to deal with expansion and contraction of cabinets in accordance with climate change. With quality cabinets like Armoires En Gros kitchen cabinets; you can have this under control by coating with veneer or laminate. 

Now that you are acquainted with the major pros and cons that come with solid wood cabinets, you can make your choice! Remember; with a few precautions and care; the drawbacks can easily be superseded by the benefits.